The İzmir Arbitration Day, organized by EDAC (Energy Disputes Arbitration Center), was held for the first time on May 10, 2024, in İzmir. The event drew significant attention with sessions that comprehensively discussed arbitration processes and developments in Turkey. EDAC Chairman Att. Süleyman Boşça opened the event, highlighting EDAC’s history, its mission to resolve energy disputes, and its role in international arbitration. Boşça emphasized İzmir’s importance as an energy hub and thanked the contributors for their efforts.

The first session, moderated by Att. Beril Karaman, addressed the lifecycle of arbitration and strategies to make Turkey more arbitration-friendly. Speakers included Att. Mustafa Mert Dicle, Att. Fatih Işık, Prof. Dr. Şebnem Akipek Öcal, and Prof. Dr. Hakan Pekcanıtez, who discussed the arbitration process from initiation to resolution.

The second session focused on resolving energy disputes through arbitration and EDAC’s specific role. Moderated by Att. Berceste Elif Duranay, this session featured insights from Doç. Dr. Serhat Eskiyörük, Att. Turgut Aycan Özcan, and Att. Prof. Dr. İbrahim Ermenek. They emphasized the unique challenges of energy disputes and how EDAC’s specialized approach effectively addresses these issues.

The third session explored the arbitration of climate-related disputes. Moderated by Att. Arsin Demir, speakers included Att. Dr. Cem Çağatay Orak, Prof. Dr. Zerrin Toprak Karaman, and Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erkan, discussing the feasibility of resolving climate litigation through arbitration, the legal and procedural aspects, and the complexities involved.

This first arbitration event in İzmir marks an important starting point for future similar organizations.