Energy Disputes Arbitration Center (EDAC) is a sectoral-based company as the first and only international arbitration center with its head office in Ankara, which was established with the aim of solving the disputes between companies in Central Asia, Europe, Balkans, Middle East and Africa regions regarding Energy and Infrastructure Law.

EDAC consists of the Secretariat, the Board of Directors, the National Board, the International Board, Consultants and Arbitrators. EDAC, which is not affiliated with the state or any organization, is an impartial and independent arbitration center, ensuring that the arbitration process is carried out objectively and reliably. The Energy Disputes Arbitration Center is home to board members, consultants and arbitrators from different nationalities and legal systems, who are experts in the energy sector and international law.

Arbitration method offers effective, flexible and impartial solutions, independent of national rules, with the aim of protecting and securing commercial and investment rights, without being subject to different and complex procedures of national courts and without loss of time and any rights. EDAC gives freedom to the parties to select the place of arbitration, the language of the award, the applicable law and the arbitrators. The decisions to be taken at the Energy Disputes Arbitration Center are final and binding and have international validity in accordance with the 1958 New York Convention.