Why Energy Arbitration?
Companies and institutions may face international disputes as a result of disputes arising from their commercial relations. Dynamic structure is of great importance in order to take a fast step and create clarity in the energy sector that is open to development and changing. International companies often have to seek justice in local courts as a result of their disputes. The workload of the local courts and their insufficient expertise make it difficult for the courts to make decisions and cause the judicial process to be prolonged. In this context, arbitration proceedings provide the opportunity to reach rapid and impartial results instead of preparing documents and mastering the procedure in various judicial systems and courts. In arbitration, different from the restrictions imposed by the court proceedings, the parties have wide freedom and contribute to the safe and fair resolution of disputes through expert arbitrators proposed by the arbitration center. The arbitration process can be carried out in the language and with the arbitrator they want as a result of the evaluation of the parties.

Why it should be an Energy Disputes Arbitration Center ?
• Organized Corporate Structure
• Opportunity to choose Expert Arbitrators in the field of Energy Dispute
• Impartial and Independent Trial Process
• Privacy-based Working Principle
• Council, Arbitration and Advisory Committee specialized in National and International Fields

What are the Advantages of Arbitration?

• Time
• Reliability
• Privacy
• Economic
• Expert Evaluation